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547, rue Leclerc, bureau 100,
Repentigny, QC J6A 8B4


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Antirouille KROWN

Antirouille KROWN

Les produits KROWN sont de première qualité et ils comptent parmi les plus sécuritaires présentement dispo...

Esthétique automobile

Esthétique automobile

Offrir des soins d’esthétique à votre automobile est une excellente façon de protéger votre investissem...

VitrXpert Repentigny

VitrXpert Repentigny

VitrXpert Repentigny vous offre un service d’installation et de réparation de pare-brise rapide et abordab...

Pellicule Carbone et WRAP

Pellicule Carbone et WRAP

Personnalisez votre véhicule avec une pellicule carbone ou avec un WRAP soyez assuré que vous aurez vraiment...


Lundi - Samedi:
8:00 - 18:00

Dimanche: 9:00 - 15:00

Ou plus selon l'achalandage

547, rue Leclerc, bureau 100,
Repentigny, QC J6A 8B4.
Téléphone: 450-585-1951
Sans frais: 1-877-464-5463
Télécopieur: 450-585-2115

AutoDoum - Centre auto Dumoulin

Un concept unique en matière d'esthétique automobile au Québec!

Welcome to AutoDoum, the reference in automotive aesthetics in Repentigny. Indeed, we offer a complete car aesthetic service. Providing the best service to our customers for more than thirteen years in the areas of anti-rust, carwash, windshield change and oil change, we have never stopped growing and pushing back our Limitations. Beginning with a humble team of six employees a dozen years ago, we now have more than forty qualified and trained employees who are dedicated to offering you a turnkey service of automotive aesthetics in Repentigny. 

It must be said that one does not skimp on the services of maintenance offered. Vehicles are hand washed both indoors and outdoors. Whether polishing, polishing, interior shampooing, motor shampooing or leather treatments, AutoDoum has all the equipment to meet your needs. All our staff have been trained in the latest technology to be able to exceed your expectations.

To finish, At AutoDoum, our philosophy is simple: to offer you a professional and complete service of automobile aesthetics in Repentigny. Now we are not just a car wash. Over the years, we have attached to the company all the products and services required in automotive aesthetics in order to cope with the multiple needs of our customers. This includes commercial, industrial and corporate components including prevention and maintenance programs for all types of fleets.

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